Housing and Allowances

If you are living in government housing as an authorized dependent, you are eligible to continue living in government housing for a year from the date of your loved one’s death. If you leave government housing before the 365th day after your loved one’s death, you will be reimbursed for the unused days at the current rate of Basic Allowance for Housing for your loved one’s pay grade. If you desire to remain in quarters past the 365th day, a written request must be submitted to the installation commander via the appropriate housing office. If approved, rental charges at the current rate may be applied.

If you are not residing in government housing, you will be provided a lump sum payment of 365 days BAH at the service member’s current rate. If you are in leased government housing, the 365-day rule still applies. If you are a surviving spouse and also a member of the uniformed services, you are also eligible for the housing allowance as an authorized dependent.

Eligible spouses are also authorized one relocation move at government expense. The movement of household goods must be completed within three years following the death of the service member. A request may be made for an extension, if necessary. Please contact the transportation officer at the nearest installation. Your casualty assistance office also can help you with this request.