"Survivor's Link" is the Navy Gold Star Program's Quarterly newsletter.  See below for archived copies of this publication.  To sign up for the email distribution, enter your address at the top of the web page and select "subscribe"


Survivor's Link: June 2019

Survivor's Link: March 2019


Survivor's Link: December 2018

Survivor's Link: September 2018

Survivor's Link: June 2018

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Survivor's Link: December 2017

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Survivor's Link: December 2016

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Survivor's Link: December 2015

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Survivor's Link: Special Benefits Edition May 2015

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Survivor's Link: December 2014

The Navy Gold Star Program strives to provide survivors with information on resources available to them. Survivor's Link is one of several tools used to accomplish that mission and from time to time will include information (including phone numbers and web sites) for various non-governmental resources.  The Department of the Navy does not warrant or endorse these entities, products or services.

In addition to the program newsletter, some regions produce their own local publications.  See below to view the most recent offerings of these additional resources.

Winter/Spring 2018 Edition of South West's Newsletter The Journey

2018 Edition of North West Region's Annual Newsletter The Constellation

May 2019 Edition of Naval District Washington's Newsletter