We were very happy to see Gold Star Navy in the Resource Room at the Snowball Express in Dallas Texas. Rufus and Stephanie provided valuable information and also helped in the event. Thank you for being there for us.
- Judi and Pat, Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.
'This was a great experience for me. I am so glad I did it. I appreciate all of the work and coordination from everyone involved. Thanks for your program. It meant a lot to me and my husband. We were taken on a tour of the hanger, meet some of the men now in the squadron, and had a very nice time. Thank you very much Sandra.'
Patricia you are perfect for the job you do with the Gold Star Families. Talking to you over the phone felt like I have known you before and meeting you in person validate my feelings. After almost 14 years it means something special to meet other parents and families who have walked our path and the others who are now on that long painful journey our prayers are with all to find comfort.Gold Star Mom and Dad, Maryland
I lost my son while serving as a Sonar Technician aboard a DDG on Nov. 19, 2018. It was and remains the single most horrific experience of my life. I lost my best friend and my hero. He only got to be a father in his mind for about 3 weeks. The Gold Star coordinator was at my son's service this past Dec. 7th. She came to me and introduced herself and offered any assistance my family needed at any time and without end if necessary. I wasn't at the time ready to discuss anything of the sort. A few months later I've reached back to her, the support has been nothing short of amazing. She has shown my family compassion and support beyond anything I could have imagined. I am still having a very difficult time even writing this note but I have come a very long way from what transpired close to a year ago. I've lost my parents and a brother but that pails in comparison to the loss of my son. He loved the Navy and his country and was proud and honored to serve. Nothing will every bring him back but one thing I am sure of is that the Navy genuinely cares about their own. I've never been one to ask for help from anyone but I have never been broken this way. My GS Coordinator has made a difference to me and my family. She has helped me know that my son did not pass in vain or was just another number or statistic. I will forever be grateful to my special angel Diana.
- Gary Lowry
As a survivor of a military serviceman, I'm so pleased for all of you in supporting and caring for those who have lost their love ones like mine. Your kindness and cooperation is being appreciated.
- Gold Star Spouse, California
I lost my only son a little over 19 years ago, and I miss him just as much now as I did when he first passed away. I didn't know how I was going to keep on living without him , but I knew I had to because I had 3 daughters and a husband and a grandson that needed me. So I did what I had to do to make myself go to work everyday, and take care of my family. Its not easy but you do what you have to do as a mom to get through things the best you can. I really don't know much about Navy Gold Star, but I'm trying to learn more now. I HOPE TO GET TO KNOW SOME PEOPLE. ?
- Gold Star Mom
I just wanted to thank you again for your help yesterday. I really appreciate it. I felt so much better when I left your office. I had been feeling so stressed and overwhelmed with everything I need to do, and not knowing where to start. It is nice to have someone to help! I will move forward on the things we discussed. Hope you have a nice weekend!
- Marysville,Washington

Thank you Danielle and thank you rider.   We appreciate that our son was remembered with such honor and respect. (at your Hero Spin Event)  He would have been proud to have participated.  This would have been his thing to do; so this has made us smile.

- Gold Star Mom, California

To: Hailey Chittick

This Thanksgiving I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you and your consistent efforts to serve Northwest Gold Star Families. Your emails are always so helpful and informative. It's because of your emails that I'll be running my first marathon, next Sunday, in memory of my brother (Ryley Gallinger-Long) as part of the San Antonio Rock N'Roll Marathon. All of my coaching, my running gear, my travel, my race fees, and my hotel are being paid for by the Wear Blue: Run to Remember program...which you told me about! For the last three months I've been training diligently and the big day is nearly here! When I cross that finish line after 26.2 miles in memory of my brother, please know that you had a part in that! ??

Furthermore, I learned (from another email of yours) that I can help rebuild homes in Puerto Rico in January as part of the Travis Manion Foundation. And...I recently received news that I have been accepted into this program as well. I'll be flying out in about 7 weeks to serve alongside other gold star family members as we help people in need. This is yet another opportunity I would not know about if not for your consistent work and dedication! Thank you for all that you do! Your work is making a difference in my life and the lives of many others.


- Zack Gallinger-Long
With everything thats happened to my family, I am so proud of the courage and military service that my father and brother displayed, they lead by example. (Navy Gold Star) played a very important and personal part in my journey to honor my brother and those shipmates that he served side by side with. I extend my warmest regards and respect to you and yours for serving our country and for being caring in seeing that we were able to spend time on the base at the (Vietnam) Memorial.
- Gold Star Brother, Nevada
Thanks Sabrina for your greatful assistance in obtaining gold star pins for me and my family. We do appreciate your hard work in making this possible.
- Gold Star Dad
"Thanks for doing what you do for the Gold Star Families, it's both inspiring and overwhelming, especially for the families from an unpopular time in history who have been forgotten for so long. Your work and support is important to us and a reminder of what the Navy family is."
- Gold Star Daughter- SW

Southwest Region:

Thank you so much for this wonderful Christmas Event! I appreciate all of the planning and work that you put into it together with Thomas, Rebecca, and so many others.  It was really fun and so beautifully done.  The meal was superb too and the private tour was great! I learned so much new information that night that I thought was so interesting. Although my family. was unable to attend being sick and deployed I did appreciate bringing my adopted family and it was very comforting to embrace other Moms and meet other Gold Star Families.  At times like these I feel that these are the true bonds that nobody can really relate to. 

Thanks again for giving us this opportunity and being here for us!!!!

Most lovingly,


- Susan
I had been having a very tough week. Joining the Moms for a paint and sip night lifted my spirits! I would definitely do another virtual paint and sip night! Thank you Patty and thank you Andrea! Love Julie
- Julie
I appreciated the Gold Star Program for the support specifically to survivor family and parent to our loved one CPO Edward A Lomongo Jr. Thank you for the support and I appreciated the Gold Star Program Eduardo and Farley LomongoGold Star Family and Parents.
- Eduardo and Farley Lomongo
It's just so nice to know you care and are there if I have a need
- Gold Star Mom, Montana
My husband and I have really enjoyed the Navy Gold Star Program events that we have attended. It's always good to be with other people who understand the loss of our daughter who served in the military. Patsy Jackson, in particular, is one of the most caring people we have met through this program. The Navy Gold Star Program provides much needed services to these families who have sacrificed so much!
- Doreen , Gold Star Mom

I recently received an email from my command advertising the 5K Gold Star Run (in San Diego).  This is a very big deal for me.  My brother was killed in Iraq 19JAN06.  He was with the 101st AB and died as a result of an IED to his Humvee.  While my family and I will always grieve from his loss, its events like these that help push through the hard days

- Gold Star Brother, California

Please accept my sincere thanks for the hosting Gold Star families on today’s fleet week ship tours.  My two grandchildren and I appreciated the opportunity.  Please extend our gratitude to Navy personnel on both the USS John S McCain and the USS Kansas City for opening their ships to public tours. The crew members we interacted with were all very professional and polite.  We appreciate the time they took with us, their dedication and service to our country.

- Steve

I met Susanna a couple of years ago at the Bella Across America Corpus Christie. She had been very helpful for survivors who have lost their loved ones. Her kindness and knowledge when it comes to answering questions and seeing that Bells Across America can be a part of our lives, Thank you is not enough!

- Florence
I’m very appreciative for the support and continued service provided by Mrs Kolenda. My family and I say, Thank You! G Hayes, Sr - Gold Star Dad
- G HAYES - Gold Star Dad
Thanks for doing what you do for the Gold Star Families, it's both inspiring and overwhelming, especially for the families from an unpopular time in history who have been forgotten for so long. Your work and support is important to us and a reminder of what the Navy family is.
- Gold Star Daughter
Words can’t express how thankful we are for Erick Roberts! We have known him for little over a year and he has been so gracious in helping my daughter transition into a new state and college. He has been so helpful and resourceful and we are so grateful for his continued support. Mahalo Erick!!!
- The Williams Ohana
Samantha is the person you would want to be your best friend. She is carrying, loving and a fantastic person. Samantha went beyond her ability in helping our family. She makes you feel like you are not alone. I always loved to see her and her pretty flowers. Thank you Sam
I appreciate the Navy and the concern that has been shown and follow up given to us.
- Gold Star Mom
Susanna, thanks for all you do for the Gold Star Families. . .encouraging Dolores to submit a tribute for our son Rene was just another example of how you are always reaching out to care for and encourage family members to remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones.Thank you! Bill & Dolores
- Gold Star Family

Thank you very much for everything Erick it was a pleasure to meet you in person, I hope that we are able to maintain communication with the Navy Gold Star program that represents so much satisfaction and happiness for us to unite with other families. Hugs

- Delrio Family
I had been having a very tough week. Joining the Moms for a paint and sip night lifted my spirits! I would definitely do another virtual paint and sip night! Thank you Patty and thank you Andrea! Love Julie
- Julie
I lost my husband 10 years ago as of August 2018. I was pregnant with my son who never had an opportunity to meet his Father. I was contacted by my Navy Gold Star Coordinator around August on 2018. I was contacted prior to last year, but I emotionally wasn't ready. The Gold Star coordinator called, she emailed and she was adamant about me signing up for the Snowball Express. I can't express how thankful I am for my Gold Star Coordinator because Snowball changed our lives. Not only were we able to get connected to many programs that has helped us, but we are connected with families who share the same common experiences of losing a lost one who made a sacrifice to serve our country for our freedom, these familes are also right here in Hampton Roads and this has allowed my son to connect with other boys and girls who are just like him. A million thanks are not enough, but I am forever grateful for programs like Gold Star.
- Ramonda Anderson, Gold Star Mom
The Gold Star Program has been an awesome resource for my daughter and myself. When Ms. Patsy Jackson (who has been an amazing resource to my daughter and myself) reached out to me it had been four years since my husband had passed but I wasn't sure if participating would reopen wounds for me, but I thank God I did because I was able to connect with other survivors and that was truely a blessing to know I wasn't alone in my struggles. All of the activities that this program provides for surviving family members is such a great thing. My daughter has been able to participate in various programs and go to various places because of Gold Star such as the Easter egg roll at the White House, which would not have been possible other wise. I just want to express how grateful I am for this program and Ms. Patsy and Ms. Pam. Thank you so much Gold Star!!
- Nicole Busey

I would like to commend the Navy for providing a single point of contact for Gold Star Families.  I have had to use it on occasion and it has really been a valuable asset.

More importantly I would like to put in a positive review of your Gold Star Coordinator, Emily Kolinda.  I am a Gold Star spouse AND a retired Naval Aviator 0-6, so I come from both sides of the equation.  I married my Naval Aviator 0-6 spouse late in life and so we had our daughter very late.  When I lost Eric, I discovered the hardships of being a single parent, something I never truly appreciated.  Navigating life without Eric was hard enough, but the VA triples the effort required and works hard to make you fight for every benefit for you and your children.  Even today I struggle with just changing my address and bank deposits.  DFAS is so much easier but the VA makes you work to find contact numbers etc.  And I am an educated computer savvy person.  In fact training Emily on the ins and outs of the VA would be a tremendous help for Gold Star spouses and children.  I could detail my issues over the years but you don’t have enough time.

So, here is what I want to tell you about Emily.  Perhaps this is in her job description, but she makes you feel cared for and special.  She is a great communicator.  She keeps the information coming and lets us decide what we want or not.  She follows up with us to make sure we are getting the emails and info and if you respond to her, she is quick to reply.  She takes the time to review who she is talking to, so that when you get an email she know I have a daughter who lost her father, even though my daughter is 25.  Both of us get cards and emails and it is important to both of us, but it has a special effect on my daughter, who was only 11 when her father died.  She will research questions and provide answers although it may not be exactly in her sphere of knowledge.  What can I say, SHE IS AWESOME and I can’t express how much I appreciate both her and the Navy for following up with me even though it has been almost 15 years since Eric’s death.  Thank you, we do APPRECIATE your service to us.

- Paula

They are so gentle and understanding... if I have any questions I’m always answered in a reasonable time!

Last weekend my husband and I traveled to San Diego so that I could participate in the Rock-n-Roll San Diego marathon with wear blue run to remember. It was an amazing experience where I was able to honor my father’s memory along with 9 other Gold Star families doing the same for their’s. And I was able to achieve a goal that I never knew I needed and remind myself that I can still do awesome things! I wanted to thank you as I would not have had this experience without you. It was through your FB page post that I found it. Thank you ladies for all that you do!! I want you to know that what you do does make a difference in our lives. I know you don’t always get the recognition you deserve but I want you to know that you are so greatly appreciated! I will always be grateful to you for all of your efforts on our behalf!
- Angela
I just want to inform you that my 7 year old son's Gold Starrepresentative, Stanford is an amazing person and representative.If I have any issues and need support navigating the system on behalf of myson, Stanford has always gone above and beyond to help me and my son. He iskind and compassionate and willingly listens to me vent when frustrated.Your program is a blessing. I'm sure you have lots of amazingrepresentatives, but I just want to make sure that Stanford is notoverlooked and that you are aware of his amazing service. Thank you."
I had been having a very tough week. Joining the Moms for a paint and sip night lifted my spirits! I would definitely do another virtual paint and sip night! Thank you Patty and thank you Andrea! Love Julie
- Julie
They are so supportive When your heart is griefing, another person to listen to you spaek about your loved one. If you need something they are always wiling to help you get to the point of receiving it.
- Kim

A wonderful program that gives the difficult and unbelievably needed support to families of fallen Service Members. They offer so much, from financial, to grief counseling, and beyond that gives us, the survivors, a means of help through our new path.

They are so gentle and understanding... if I have any questions I’m always answered in a reasonable time!
- Ashley
I think the navy gold star program is wonderful. It has been 13 years since I lost my son. It still feels like seconds not years.... thank you for your help. It warms my heart to know that I can turn to you
- Gold Star Mom- Colorado
Ms. Patsy Jackson helped me going through my transitions with healthcare today. I am very happy she was hands on service and has been very nice and personal. Thank you again for assisting me.
- Mayumi - Gold Star wife
Patsy, you are such a blessing. You helped me through such a difficult situation . After losing my spouse of 25 years. You gave me such great guidance on obtaining the information I needed for my daughter's scholarship. I honestly don't know what I would have done with out all your sincere help. Patsy you have went so far beyond the call of duty for our family. Thank you so much for all your help and your service to our family. God Bless you .
- Darlene, Maryland
Thank you so much for always sending (me) emails and keeping me informed, I really appreciate you!
- Susan
I was so excited about your email and coming to Phoenix!  You can count on us to be there!
- Gold Star Parents- Arizona
Thank you Erick Roberts! My Gold Star Coordinator, I really appreciate the trouble you took to help me attend the Bells Across America Remembrance Ceremony. It is comforting to know that our service men and women are being remembered and honored for their service and that you still are here to support their families in their grief and loss. And thank you for QMC Brian Jones who escorted me to this event with utmost respect and dignity. God Bless you!Gold Star Mom
- Gold Star Mom
Mrs. Jackson, you're such a blessing. We don't feel forgotten after our loss anymore. We greatly appreciate the moral support you provided to us. Thank you very much for all you do. Carol & Andrea
- Carol & Andrea