Commander's Guide to Casualty Assistance

Provides a ready reference to the continuous care provided to wounded, ill or injured Sailors and/or Surviving family members by the Navy Marine Corps Fisher Houses, Navy Wounded Warrior Program (NWW), Navy Casualty Assistance Calls Program (CACP), the Navy Gold Star Program (NGS) and the Navy Long-Term Assistance Program (LTAP).

It includes official definitions of reportable casualties, procedures and contacts for reporting casualties and outlines of the programs through which the Navy responds promptly and compassionately when casualties occur.

To learn more about the Navy's casualty assistance programs,  download a digital copy of the Commander's Guide to Casualty Assistance by clicking the link below.

2023 Edition: The Commander's Guide to Casualty Assistance

Navy Gold Star Program coordinators are available to help leadership honor and remember not only the fallen, but their surviving family members as well. Contact your local NGS coordinator for more information.

Navy Gold Star coordinators function as the long-term support personnel for survivors. They facilitate support groups, provide life skills education, and connect survivors with counseling resources. The coordinators work closely with existing organizations and programs to deliver the best possible service at the right time. NGS coordinators closest to you can be found on this website under “Locations.” or call 1-888-509-8759 to be connected to your closest coordinator.