“Forever Loved, Never Forgotten”

The Navy Gold Star Program is eternally grateful for the sacrifice of those Service Members who have died in service to our country. To help us to never forget, we have set up this tribute page to honor and remember the memory of those lives. If you would like to honor the memory of your Sailor, Soldier, Marine, Airman or Coast Guardsman through the Navy Gold Star website please submit your thoughts and a photo.

Served in the Navy from 2012 - 2020.

Ethan was born in Mission Viejo, CA; two years later the family moved to Gilbert, AZ. After 10 years the family moved to Mesa, AZ where Ethan graduated from Red Mountain High School in 2010. Ethan’s love of the military strategy started very early with computer games, history books, movies and his beloved PlayStation. After 4 years at Safeway grocery store, Ethan decided to join the Navy in 2012. Ethan spent 5 years on the USS Gridley (DDG101) that included 2 deployments. USS Gridley was ported 4 years in San Diego and 1 year in Everett Washington. After completing duty on the USS Gridley, Ethan went back to San Diego for 2 years to USS Zumwalt (DDG1000) to get the ship sea ready. By July 2019 Ethan was assigned to the USS Wayne E. Meyer (DDG108) in Hawaii which included 1 deployment. Ethan earned numerous awards and promotions including 5 Navy and Marine Achievement Corps Medals. Ethan was known by many shipmates to be consistently hardworking and someone you could count on. Ethan was known for caring for shipmates professional and personal issues. Ethan was known for smiling and using humor to help everyone get through the long days. Ethan leaves behind a family who loves him and misses him every day .