“Forever Loved, Never Forgotten”

The Navy Gold Star Program is eternally grateful for the sacrifice of those Service Members who have died in service to our country. To help us to never forget, we have set up this tribute page to honor and remember the memory of those lives. If you would like to honor the memory of your Sailor, Soldier, Marine, Airman or Coast Guardsman through the Navy Gold Star website please submit your thoughts and a photo.

“Thank You” was the last thing you said to me in person on Friday, April 27th, 2012. As I completed my checkout process from my first duty station, You thanked me for the work I put in under your leadership as a shop supervisor. However, I should be the one who should say “Thank You”. I want to thank you for leading me when I was a clueless Airman. Your demonstration of responsibility and ownership for every success and failure paved me a path to follow. I want to thank you for throwing me to night shift and forcing me to gain hands-on training.I want to thank you for shielding me from workplace politics and allowed me to thrive at my rate.I want to thank you for dropping me off on my first detachment. That very moment in your white Toyota pickup, I felt safe like having an older brother.I want to thank you for trusting me by signing me up for various detachments and allowing me to run the show while I was only an Airman. I want to thank you for training me and made me promote through the ranks.I want to thank you for the mean jokes because that made me develop a thick skin.I have so many thank you to say, but nothing more important than this; I want to thank you for accepting me. When I see you again, I will thank you and hangout with you.