“Forever Loved, Never Forgotten”

The Navy Gold Star Program is eternally grateful for the sacrifice of those Service Members who have died in service to our country. To help us to never forget, we have set up this tribute page to honor and remember the memory of those lives. If you would like to honor the memory of your Sailor, Soldier, Marine, Airman or Coast Guardsman through the Navy Gold Star website please submit your thoughts and a photo.


Born in Olney, Maryland, Dustin took his oath to join the US Navy on March 15, 2015. He found his niche serving as an Electronics Technician aboard the USS JOHN S MCCAIN. His athletic abilities along with his love for the sea catapulted him to succeed in being a certified Search and Rescue Swimmer [SARS] for the Navy, serving in missions while deployed. Dustin had a way of speaking to both young and old with an energetic passion and gentleness-but his gift was in listening, and always being with those in need. Dustin was and adventurist, living life to the fullest and documenting every aspect of his journey; he was an avid runner signing up for every race, he bought a bike in Japan just to see the sights, and when he couldn’t ride to the top of the highest mountain, he hiked it. He loved every sport known to man. He valued friendships without judgement; loved his family, God, both which strengthens a home. He will be remembered for his peaceful-gentle soul.

Survived By: Parents: Brian Doyon & Karen Doyon  Sister: Annette Doyon